Christmas & Marketing

Christmas is an excellent time to get creative with your marketing. So how can you leverage the holiday season in your marketing campaign? From email blasts to video creation, there are plenty of strategies to choose from. Big Ant Marketing will help get you started with some ideas to make the most of this festive season.

Holiday Themed Content 

Everyone loves a good Christmas Sale! Highlight any holiday specials or savings across your social media platforms. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more, to push your message out there in a cost effective and easy way. Don’t forget to use Christmas word play to spice up your posts. 

Even if your business isn’t one that can offer sales on your products or services, using social media with a Christmas theme will only benefit your business. You could use Christmas themed imagery with your branding. For example, on your website, cover images, social media profiles, and even your email signatures should include a little holiday pizazz. Another fun way to show off your Christmas spirit is to post photos on social media of your office decorated for the holidays, or of team members celebrating together. 

Christmas SEO

Incorporate Christmas keywords in your blog posts, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, etc. Search engines will pick up on these seasonal related keywords and improve your placement on Google/Bing/Yahoo, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative! 

Selling Strategy 

The festive season is a great way to sell your products or services as gifts (where applicable). Change your marketing campaign to adopt this methodology and you’ll reach a new audience. You could also add something extra to your services, like free Christmas wrapping or add a personalised message for your loved one. For online stores this is a great way to offer an ‘add on’ for your customers. There is also an opportunity for upselling here as well, depending on the product or service. 

Email Marketing 

To your existing customers you could off an exclusive Christmas promotion. For example, using a code to receive 10% off of your purchase at check out. You can send an email blast to remind people of the promotion and encourage them to claim their coupon code before it expires. They could forward this to friends and family and that means more people could sign up to your marketing campaigns. You can also use Email Marketing to promote Christmas items you may have in stock. For example, it could be Christmas hampers, themed clothing or more. 

For something less direct, you could have a Holiday themed newsletter. It is a great way to stay in touch with existing customers/clients while increasing your brand awareness. Not sure where to start? Big Ant Marketing can help you! Reach out to us on 1300 988 547 or via the contact us form on our website. Merry Christmas to you from BAM!