How can “Likes” on Facebook Help From A Marketing Perspective?

What does a “like” on Facebook? The answer is simple in nature. It means someone likes what your business has to say and is interested in following you for updates. From a marketing perspective, this means your business has ‘warm leads’ to post content to. Another great feature on Facebook is that users can share your posts with friends and family recommending and exposing what your business has to offer. 

Branding & Exposure

Facebook is all about virtual social networking which is a powerful tool for branding and exposure of your business. In Australia, there are over 16 million people on Facebook and in New Zealand, there are over 3 million. Every time someone “likes” your page and or a post you share, it is exposed to all their friends to see. This opportunity offers free advertising and branding for your business. 


In today’s digital age, consumers will often check a business’s social media before deciding to use their services or not. This often acts as a second opinion on your business. If you have a decent number of followers, it provides with you some ‘street credit’. Your business is further validated if a consumer sees a friend in common is following your business as well. 

Direction To Customer 

Facebook users who follow your Facebook page receive updates (when you post) in their News Feeds. You have an opportunity to post relevant content directly to customers. You also have the opportunity to reply to their comments or questions directly. This can build brand trust in the community and improve your customer engagement. 

How Does Your Business Get Likes?

There are several strategies to obtaining likes and followers on Facebook. Here are some brief suggestions:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Post regularly – both sales and non-sales content
  • Engage with your customers 
  • Post at the right time of day (review analytics section to access this information) 
  • Run competitions with prizes 
  • Follow relevant businesses 
  • Post in community group pages 

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