Videos Get You Seriously Noticed. Seriously.

Short clever videos mean people are much more likely to listen to your pitch.

Want to get noticed? Send a short and clever video. Videos are easy to watch so people love watching them.

Another great advantage of using videos is their versatility. You can put videos on your website, use them in your email marketing as well as use them in your social media campaigns.

Over time you can start your own YouTube channel with your videos.  It’s not nearly as hard or as expensive as you may think.

How Can We Help You With Videos?

Elevate your business and brand to the next level through the use of engaging videos, that can be used on your website and social media including YouTube. In collaboration with you we will create personalised videos to highlight key areas of your business. Our services include:

  • Personalised design for your business
  • Voice over services (optional)
  • Sized to suite designed platform (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, website, Instagram, etc.)
  • 30 seconds to 3-minute videos (or longer if required)
  • Creation of YouTube profile
YouTube BAM